The Myth of HTML5 vs Flash

The Face of FunkwellSo much hyperbole on this topic of late. Ever since Steve Jobs banished flash from iToys I have seen darn-near everyone scrambling (me included) to address impact on commitments in flash media delivery. With this as motivator, the general friendliness of html5 makes this a great opportunity to get hands dirty with early html5 and CSS3 capabilities.

The majority of the spin on this topic has cast HTML5 and FLASH in an adversarial light. Well, truth is Flash runs great under html5. There is no real conflict whatsoever, in fact the new html doc type is inclusive of all previous html.

It is true that html 5 gives page coders a chance to play media directly in their page but doing so creates new challenges. Filetypes for one.. don’t expect to play an .mp3 file in Firefox, won’t happen. And for another, every browser has a different default player layout, size, and appearance so there is still some work to fit design requirements.

Microdata and Canvas capabilities will likely spawn some interesting tools for both developers and designers as html5 and css3 find their way into wider use. For now with some great new tools like the modernizr library it’s gonna be pretty straightforward for many to solve the html5 media player requirements. This will address immediate issues and get our media playback fully functional on Devices requiring html 5 tags and still create a smooth rollback through html4 browsers.

It is unfortunate that Steve won’t let his minions display the wonderfully creative things that can only be done in flash, but don’t for a second believe it is because of html5. Html5 + css3 is awesome and Flash will be a part of it, just not on Apple iToys.


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